Transportation services

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Transportation services

Being an economically developed unit, each EU member state actively cooperates with all global market participants. Trade relations of European countries with Russia constantly develop, transform and strengthen, that is why BEST FORWARDING Kft. carries out professional carriage to Russia and Customs Union states from Western and Eastern Europe including Baltic states, Scandinavia and UK and renders services related to exports from Russia and Customs Union states to Europe.

BEST FORWARDING Kft. delivers any goods in any direction (hazardous, expensive, oversized and temperature controlled goods), using various means of transportation; tarpaulin and all-metal semitrailers and truck trains of 8, 82, 96, and 120 cubic meters, cold storage trucks as well as platforms for oversized goods, container trucks for 20', 40', and 40'HC containers.

 BEST FORWARDING Kft. delivers mixed goods with various means of transportation in a number of directions. Intelligent consolidation*, shortest routes in Europe, speedy customs clearance and warehousing are among a wide range of services offered by our company in this segment.

Our experience in freight forwarding allows us setting optimal logistics chains for mixed goods delivery from various states in various directions, reducing the transit time as much as possible without increase in the final cost.

 BEST FORWARDING Kft. offers services in transportation from China and other Asian states to Russia, CIS states and Customs Union countries.

BEST FORWARDING Kft. is involved in marine container carriage

      from various Southeast Asia ports:

      from North/South and Latin America:

      from main ports of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, ets.;

      from Africa and Australia main ports;

in full containers (FLC) 20’, 40’, 40HC via ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Estonia and Germany, via Kazakhstan;

in partially loaded containers (LCL) via ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Russia, via Kazakhstan.